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THE HOLY GRAIL of my workflow is the TrustWorthiness of my BackUps.

I could hardly care less about my working hard drive or if my client screws up her install. In fact, I can have total hard drive failure and be right back to work in about an hour — on a completely tuned, TrustWorthy install.

I regard my bootable BackUps as 100-percent TrustWorthy.
To get to that point:

  • I ZeroWrite the target hard drive (to give me 100–percent confidence in the drive).
  • Install the OS...the all the updaters...tune all the preferences, and then:
  • BACKiTUP CLONEiTto CDR, DVD, hard drive.

This is how I build my BackUps, my Cloned boot drives.

This From–The–Ground–Up method provides me:

  • One hundred–percent confidence in a DEADLINE environment.

The Restored volume boots exactly as it did the moment I burned the BACKUP with everything in its place.


These days I only used Carbon Copy Cloner CCC for backing up my OSX boot working system and applications.

CCC has worked so flawlessly for me under OS X that I haven't tried other backup options, including Super Duper application (that many people recommend on the Apple forums) and Apple's own Time that is included with Leopard 10.5x.

See link for more detailed information about cloning and restoring hard drives under 10.4 10.5 Leopard OS X, including an extended in-depth Mac OS-X tutorial for troubleshooting and using the Mac computer.


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