EXTREME SPORTS BASKETBALL PHOTOS black athlete pictured in an unbelievable Photoshopped sequence jumping a large black horse and dunking a basketball in a famous extreme hardcore sports picture series.
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Expert Photoshop artist Gary G. Ballard worked with Pony International in San Diego for almost 10 months as Creative Director and their top creative and technical consultant. During this period, he worked on a number of national and international creative projects including the top extreme sports basketball dunking sequence of a black athlete leaping over a large black horse and dunking a basketball.

Pony creative department had these beach basketball photos produced just before I was hired. The story I heard was Pony hired two athletes, a white basketball player and a black basketball player. The white ball player took one look at the plan and said he couldn't do it, that he knew of only one guy who could jump the horse and dunk the basketball. Just as the white athlete was saying this a limo pulls up and the black player gets out of it, and the white player pointed to him and said, "and there he is!"

I was told the athlete made a couple warm-up dunks without the horse, and then made two jumps over the horse dunking the basketball while a professional video camera and the still camera motor drive caught the wild sequence in action.

Pony's Chief Creative Officer, Richard Edwards, and I were looking at the three individual photos in Photoshop layers and it suddenly hit us how to produce this extreme basketball sports image when we clicked through the Photoshop layers.

To view the ORIGINAL extreme basketball image CLICK ON the Photoshopped image to rollover sports image.

Photoshop expert Gary Ballard personally performed extreme heavy digital retouching on the original image to produce the finished top image for large-format printing, trade and corporate display advertising.

Commercial expert Photoshop production work by Gary G. Ballard, San Diego.

Creative image © 2007 Pony International www.pony.com

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