Katarina is a professional young female model working out of Southern California. She has a very contemporary girl-next-door Southern California girl look, a beautiful young female Californian with light blond hair, blue eyes, tall, leggy. She surfs and skateboards on an advanced level, including many consecutive years spent competing in gymnastics.

Also to mention, the girl looks great in blue jeans and white tanktop T-shirt.

This model layout was shot in the morning at Windnsea Beach, a popular surf break in La Jolla, Calif. I had a San Diego professional hair and makeup stylist, and a prop stylist. The three of us arrived on location at around 4:30 a.m. to prepare for the first light. I had about 45 minutes to shoot in good lighting — haze to harsh burnoff and pulled these portfolio shots out of the shoot.


I first met the beautiful super model, Katarina, while working for a major athletic shoe and beach clothing apparel company in San Diego, California. I had seen Katarina's videos and some of her awesome model portfolios previously to the meeting, but the first time I saw the young girl in person she was walking on her hands with her feet straight up in the air in the corporate board room for the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and CEO.

The first time I saw Katarina in person she was walking on her hands with her feet straight up in the air in the corporate boardroom for the CCO and CEO ....
-Gary Ballard

They were searching for a spokesmodel to brand into the corporate beach image, and at 5 foot 11 inches tall, 35-25-35 measurements, a wholesome next-door California girl look and the toned body of a long-time competitive gymnast and big wave surfer, she was the on-going favorite of the executive management team.

In fact, if you ever wondered who the tall, leggy blond girl was being pulled on a skateboard by a huge black horse while wearing a string bikini up and down the streets at Windnsea Beach, La Jolla, for a large video production shoot — it was Katarina earning a living.

About this San Diego Photo Shoot

Model portfolio top left photo: Katarina pictured wearing a knitted hat and oversized black hoodie (it was pretty chilly at the beach).

Katarina pictured at the end of the shoot sitting on the cliff with her surfboard on her lap and gazing out at the surf.

Katarina carrying her surfboard wearing product on her feet, the famous Windnsea beach ramada pictured.

SMOKING HOT girl in blue jeans and white tank-top, Katarina is pictured with her surfboard at very first light.

Pictured leaning on one of the ramada's support poles, Katarina models with product wearing a black bikini.

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