As you may imagine, I get a lot of friends, acquaintances and prospective clients asking me for prices to create and design their company Web sites.

I got the call about IPU FARM from one such friend, Kalim, an IPU farmer in rural San Diego County. Kalim and I have worked on many cultural projects in San Diego over the past 15 years so his start-up creative process went pretty quickly.

Kalim had already purchased the Domain Name WWW.IPUFARM.COM and he had a good start on his company SLOGANS and AD TAGLINES, but he needed some help to design a professional looking business LOGO, establish his company COLORS and corporate BRANDING IDENTITY, and create a beautiful professional intuitive natural LOOK & FEEL to his website.

Adobe Creative Suite® CS4 is the software I used on this design project using Mac workstations running OS-X®.

First Steps to Building A Web Site

We actually had a higher first priority than getting his website up. He had just paid for a full-page color AD in a popular international cultural magazine — so the logo, colors and verbiage received our highest priority to meet the magazine's printing deadline.

• I designed the company logo in Illustrator® in about two hours and got lucky (he liked the first version).
• The left side of the above marketing material is what I produced for his magazine advertisement (this AD was laid out in InDesign®, the photographs were shot in Nikon RAW .nef and optimized in Photoshop®).
• The two top images are business cards I designed in Illustrator®.
• The AD and business cards were all Exported to PDF and delivered to the printers.
• The bottom three color thumbnails are navigational graphics I designed for his website (these graphics were done in Photoshop®).
• The sepia toned historical photo of pretty young Hawaiian hula girls linked to his on-line museum.
• Adobe® GoLive® was used to actual Web pages.

How much does a Web site cost?

Please CONTACT the SAN DIEGO WEB DESIGNER for a Quote or Estimate...there are lots of ways to keep the price down.


With the exception of the antique hula girls sepia image — all the G. BALLARD original photographs were shot specifically for this project on location in San Diego during a single four-hour photo shoot.

The photo production was bare bones — I only used a camera, tripod, and hand-held reflectors to produce the photographs.

Please visit WWW.IPUFARM.COM for sales and product information — Kalim currently webmasters his own site and has made some changes, but much of my work remains in place on his Web site.

Professional San Diego project branding design by Gary G. Ballard, San Diego.

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