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I've always loved filming and editing motion picture, but only recently did the digital cameras and workstations become good (and cheap) enough for me to invest in - now I'm back! If you have any basic digital video production needs, please give me a shot at the bid. I'm a natural-born cut cameraman, a production workhorse, an experienced photojournalist interviewer with 20 years daily work experience directing people for photography.

PRODUCTION Digital Video:
    • CUT CAMERA, wireless miked Sennheiser sound
    • Documentation • Commercials • ENG • Scripting • Editing • DVD • Internet
    • Hard-core Photoshop® commercial production artist
    • Video REELS movies DVDs portfolios on line
    • Resumé (excerpt):
      Cinematographer, U.S. Navy:
      Pacific Fleet Combat Camera Group, an elite rapid–deployment force, top security clearance.
      • Combat trained as a motion–picture cameraman, air crewman (helo and jet qualified).
      • Worked as grip, lighting and sound technician, film and video cameraman and editor.
      • Completed numerous motion–picture assignments throughout the Far East and West Coast.

CAMERA (digital):
  • Nikon D810, MB-D12
    Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8E
    Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8E
  • Sony DSR-PD150 MiniDV/DVCAM
    Very pretty picture, two–channel XLR sound.
  • ProMax CobraCrane II with Varizoom Lanc, Prinz Power Panner 430-62, off camera LCD monitor.
  • 12-foot Bogen 3258 tripod.
  • ProMax 15-foot Dolly Tracks.
  • Blue Screen chroma key compositing.

EDITING (digital):

  • Final Cut PRO X workstations
    iMac 27" 5K Retina
    64 GB RAM
    PCIE, M.2, NVME internal SSD (3000 MBs Read/Write)
    Thunderderbolt 3 external SSDs (1800 write, 2500 read)
  • Professional FCP-X editor
  • DVD Studio Pro production
  • Motion
  • Compressor

SOUND (digital):

  • ew100 G4 Sennheiser wireless Lavalier kits
  • ME66/K6 Sennheiser shotgun mic (Sennheiser blimp & wind sock, boom pole)
  • MD 46 Sennheiser ENG interview mic
  • e855 Sennheiser vocal mic
  • ew100 G4 Sennheiser wireless transmitter (attaches to all mics, sound board)

LIGHTING (tungsten):

  • NRG lighting kit, 3ea focusing lights, barndoors, umbrellas, 3ea 8-foot stands.
  • PHOTOFLEX Starlite, 1000w/500w, in 36-inch Softbox on stand with wheels.


  • Blu-ray BD-R (12x external)
  • AVCHD (1080i on DVD+R)
  • SD


  • Finished BD and DVD movie and data formats.
  • Video/sound compression for the internet, HTML ready.
  • Video CD.
  • QuickTime®, MPEG–2
  • Various tape formats SD DV, HDDV

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